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 Inpatient Satisfaction Survey Comments:

"I really enjoyed my stay here.  The doctors were great.  The cooks were great.  I was treated so good and looked after so well.  I felt like a king.  I also like that you all are interested in knowing how was my stay.  I can't speak for everyone, but I think that this is a great rehab hospital."   - W. Johnson (10/2/14) 

"As I sit here with tears rolling down my face, it is hard to express the feelings I as a daughter have.  Y'all have given mom the best (care) from Pedro having her walk to Angela making her talk and everyone in between.  You're all part of our family now.  We will never forget you and we love you all."  -  Ronnie Sue (8/13/14) 

"I can’t name any particular staff member because all staff I came in contact with was extremely nice, courteous, and helpful.  I came in anxious and afraid and I leave today with new confidence and ready to meet any challenge ahead of me.  Thank you for allowing me to come to your facility and I would recommend this place to all my family and friends."  -  Julie Amps (7/11/14)


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